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Anime Matsuri 2014!

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 3:49PM

Woohoo! So dExtrosien and I just flew in to Houston yesterday for Anime Matsuri! We are really looking forward to seeing Nightmare, as well as Eyeshine, some voice actor panels, and whatever else anime-related we can glomp. Okay, so that metaphor doesn’t work exactly, but you get the point.
If you found this page because of my Mii greeting, then God bless you, fellow otaku! I wish I could say your bravery would be rewarded, but there’s not much exciting here at he moment.
I would have put but my 3DS wouldn’t let me. hmmm So you can see the almost-abandoned website for me and my wife’s band.
Anyway, feel free to leave comments (if the comment system isn’t broken) and enjoy the con! Surf Wisely!

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3! 2! 1!…. uh… Contact?

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 1:42AM

So, just a quick note. The contact form does NOT work at the moment! If you aim to use the contact form to contact me, well, don’t bother. You can, however, find me on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, hell, even myspace or MySpace or however it’s stylized these days.
I am currently working on a fix for the contact form, but for now, you know what to do.
Also, I just got a new job… but I can’t talk about it yet. Surf Wisely.

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Ego, Creativity, and Originality

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 11:30AM

When I was much younger I prided myself on doing everything myself, from scratch. When I crafted my first web page, I did it in vi on an ISP’s server I telnetted into. That ISP no longer exists.
When I built the first iterations of, I wrote the HTML, and later the Perl (LOL!) code that I used for my own ad-hoc CMS. Okay… calling it a CMS is laughable. But it was something I made. I was proud of that.
This latest incarnation of runs on a CMS that I did not create. However, I did build this theme back in 2008. I built it one ugly, non-compliant, HTML table-riddled piece at a time. And I’m

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Graveside Breakfast

Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 9:44AM

So my wife and I are starting a band. We call ourselves Graveside Breakfast. I play guitar and sing. She plays the drums and the occasional bass part. So, while I’m not going to say we’re looking for a bass player just yet, it might be something we would consider soon.
So yeah, the site is There isn’t much there yet, but we hope to get a real site up soon. Surf Wisely.

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