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Friday, March 14, 2014 - 11:49AM

Woohoo! So dExtrosien and I just flew in to Houston yesterday for Anime Matsuri! We are really looking forward to seeing Nightmare, as well as Eyeshine, some voice actor panels, and whatever else anime-related we can glomp. Okay, so that metaphor doesn’t work exactly, but you get the point.
If you found this page because of my Mii greeting, then God bless you, fellow otaku! I wish I could say your bravery would be rewarded, but there’s not much exciting here at he moment.
I would have put but my 3DS wouldn’t let me. hmmm So you can see the almost-abandoned website for me and my wife’s band.
Anyway, feel free to leave comments (if the comment system isn’t broken) and enjoy the con! Surf Wisely!

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4/14/14 6:52PM
Ohai spammers! I deleted those bullshit comments for you. You're welcome!

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Eric, checking in from SPAM LAND!
4/14/14 7:10PM
I'm doing a phd in spamming with spamming spam spammers. SPAM!

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Arianna, checking in from Satan's bathroom
4/14/14 7:31PM
My name is Arianna, and I just wanted to let everyone know that you should not buy Cialis or Viagra online, especially not the generic stuff! It's filled with rat poison! I should know! I filled it myself! Because hook hand door handle man hand handle hook door.

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Aiden, checking in from Romania
4/14/14 7:42PM
Can I call you back? You had a very good question about why a gopher-anus-filching sack of rat feces like myself would be selling generic antibiotics over teh web, but I felt compelled to hang up on you while I formulated my inadequate response. Well, there is an excuse, your honor. There is an explanation.
It seems my client simply found this 500 lb. bag of Flagyl and was on his way to the local police department to turn it in.

I ask that you not judge Romania too harshly. Most Romanians are decent people. You would not know it, based on my conduct. The fact that I constantly have sex with my sister and mother, and sometimes just like to watch the dog do both of them, it only reflects badly on me and my family. Please to not let you judging all of Romania based on my shameful actions. I am just a peasant, forced to fellate older men on the side, while I make a few pennies from my spamming.

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